How Brightness 250 Beam

What does Rentals think about when buying beam lights?

Every Rentals company buys lighting equipment, what are the questions they generally think about?
What is the function of the luminaire?
Does the brightness of the luminaire sufficient?
What is the Size of the luminaire?

In fact, the most important thing is whether its price can meet the low budget events faced by Rentals. So to create an excellent beam light and Gobos light. How to create high brightness but small size, for the lighting company is A huge challenge. Currently, a new Rush MH 11R from Matin Lighting gives us a new idea. It is brighter than the Chauvet Rogue 350W. However, it is thinner than the Clay Paky Sharpie 230W. What kind of light is this?

It equiped with the 250W Philip MSD 11R.Its Luminous Flux is 12000LM.
Which is More Brightness Than OSRAM 350W,330W,280W,230W.What a brightness!!!

Let Us Feel The Strong Beam In Following Video:

Through the video we can feel that the Matin Rrush 250W has a very powerful beam effect. And the fast Moving. These features remind us of a very popular beam light - Clay Paky Sharpy 230W Beam Light.

Who Win? Matin Rrush RH11 VS Clay Paky Sharpy 230

As shown above, the Sharpy 230W Beam on the left and the Matin Rrush 250W Beam on the right. It is clear that the Matin Rrush 250W has a purer and finer beam. Within 10m, the Sharpy 230W Beam is no longer available focus on its light beam, and it is very scattered.

In addition to this, the Matin Rrush 250W Beam has more features. Compared to the Sharpy 230W Beam. and a much smaller size. The Rentals company can be easily installed and disassembled in mobile performance projects.

If you want to know more Welcome check the following video:

As a Rentals Buyer, Matin Rrush 250W Beam will bring a very Impressive feel. Because this can completely replace some big size Beam light series.Such as the 230W,260W,280W,350W Beam.
At the same time, in terms of brightness, 250W Beam light is the strongest.Suitable for Big Professional Events And the Nightclub project. Once the Rentals have 250W Beam light . Almost no other Beam light are needed.