Martin Aura Defeated by Copied??

Mac Aura. As a Martin's ace wash moving head light. It has become the object of many companies to learn and challenge. However, regardless of brightness, speed, and function. Many companies can only follow Martin. Even to sell Better, constantly installing and debugging with lower-end materials. However, some of the Rentals company asked us if we could create a better Mac Aura than Martin?
First of all, this is a terrible problem. Because as a lighting manufacturer, Martin series has always been our learning object. All we can do is to follow it closely and not dare to make breakthrough innovation. However, after a test, let us feel that Martin is not insurmountable.....

At the base of the optical path is the circuit charged with the 19 OWD Stage RGBW 15W leds. They are distributed on 2 crowns: one of 12 multi-chips and the other of 6 plus one in the center. They are each capped with a white plastic tube terminated by a lens. 
The elastomer is covered with a layer of fluoropolymer. The light guide bar has two different light guide modes: side light guide and terminal light guide. 
Terminal light refers to the light through the light guide rod at one end, at the other end of the launch, even if the light guide rod to a certain degree of bending, can also have light guide effect. 
Side light guide, refers to the light through the light guide rod end, and then through the entire light guide rods on the outer surface of the uniform light scattering, so as to achieve a certain visual effect. 
The reason why this effect can be achieved is covered with a layer of fluoropolymers outside the elastomer.

How To Increase The Brightness Output??? 

According to the above mathematical formula, we can understand that the method of increasing the brightness of Output is to increase the resistance and increase the current. But how do we choose? We have tried to increase the current. But because of the increase in current, the temperature is too high. It is easy to burn out the lamp beads. Heat dissipation is a huge problem. So we do not advocate the use of this method.
In order to increase power more safely, we try to study the resistance. Can we find a more powerful resistor to increase the power. Fortunately, we have successfully found a higher performance resistor. It can boost the voltage output for the entire board.

According to the above picture, we can understand that the left side is our previous version. The new version of the resistor is replaced on the right. The brightness is 60% higher than the regular version!!! 
The output on the left is 1860Lux@7m. The output on the right is It is 2760Lux@7m. 

Brightness Output Compare With Martin Mac Aura???

The first one in the picture is our Copy Aura ST-1912A, and the second one is Martin Mac Aura.It is clear that our Copy Aura ST-1912A is brighter than the Martin Mac Aura!!! 

If you want to know more, welcome to check the Video: